Hi Kai,

Finally politicians have struck a deal of power sharing. This has been their major issue of concern during misunderstanding one another.

We are now as Kenya going to have an executive prime minister and an executive president, contrary to the current constitution which is supreme. I just hope that parliament will enact the agreement pact without delay to avoid more stalemate that we have experienced. It is very important to realize that Kenyan Parliamentarians are stomach-oriented people –if someone gives them food can lead all processes in the parliament … they are easily bribed and whoever gives them most wins their vote.

[I] hope Annan be not [undermined] by the Members of National Assembly.

I have nothing to gain when we fail what we believe … change must be the sole movement of our lives. Politicians must realize that they don’t have [an] empire of leadership, they need lead people, and Kenyans are the People.


– How they will be sharing Ministerial posts equally.
– Bringing back hope to Kenyans.
– Trust of one another.
– Nurturing and sustaining the coalition.
– Delivery by the coalition government.
– Bring back the economy from where it was and proceed.
– Trust.

The Marriage of Kings
Marriage have to be kept … all means must be undertaken to see marriage works. These will need trust, hope, sincerity, delivery, openness, patriotism, more self-denial. They have to accept that they are servants but not bullies or Kings. Must be answerable to people of Kenya. I mean, they must love Kenya and Africa as a country global as a state. Kenya has been a place to admire; east and central Africa have relied on Kenya for the growth of their economy.

See you brother and pray for Kenya.

God Bless you.