In review
In the final week of January, just a little over a month ago, the Pistis Academy & Orphanage in Nakuru, Kenya was literally caught in the cross-fire of the post-election riots and gang activities, as recorded in dozens of prior posts to this blog. Through the daily text messages, emails, and phone calls with Jacintah and Wycliffe Wakesa, children to the founder of Pistis Gladys, and with Executive Director Cameron Dunkin, I was able to maintain an understanding of what was unfolding and how best we could assist.

SPAN moved quickly to raise funds for food, clothing, and beds. This fund raising effort was a tremendous success, generating $3,386 USD in less than ten days. Funds were immediately moved to Pistis through Cameron, who remains in Nakuru now, executing a direct campaign with virtually no overhead nor loss of time. From website to PayPal to SPAN to the kids in just a few days, a testament to modern communication in an interconnected world. Thank you for helping make this unfold.

This is how the funds were used, to date:

10,222 KSh – powdered milk
51,000 KSh – maize and beans
9,000 KSh – fruit/ vegetables
26,000 KSh – mattresses/ blankets
26,900 KSh – other food stuffs
9,750 KSh – soaps, toothpaste, brushes
10,000 KSh – material for clothing
3,250 KSh – phone cards (to assist w/communications to Kai)
146,122KSh / 65KSh per $ = $2,248

$3386.00 donation total
– $53.41 USD – PayPal 3%
– $169.32 USD – SPAN 5%
– $42.00 USD – wire fees
– $2,248 USD – food, clothing, beds (above)
$873 USD = remaining

We are working with the directors of Pistis and Cameron to determine how best to use the remaining funds. If the school’s food, bed, and clothing needs are met, we will consider school and medical supplies to carry the academy through the remaining semester or accommodations to house the additional children.

Thank you!