Kai Staats: Buffal Peak Ranch, Sep 2016 Copper Basin, Washington Cascades Lava Flow, Hawaii by Kai Staats

As are running, rock climbing, and pounding on the keys of a piano, writing is a release. I have been writing in one form or another since I first learned to hold pencil to paper. Through typewriter and paper, computer and printer, and more recently my blog I work through events in my life, bringing closure to one chapter in preparation for the next.

Non-fiction is born of life’s pauses, when there is a sense of belonging to the moment more than it belongs to me. I cherish this sensation, for it is visits infrequently and of its own accord; and if forced it never quite feels the same. In The Holographic Universe and learned that what we hold as real and what is only in our imagination are not wholly unique or isolated, rather our brain, mind, and body store both real and imaginary in very much the same way. While this may trouble some psychotherapists, I find the lack of clear definition of the real | imaginary boundary to be the greatest gift we as humans hold, for in our imagination lives a creative force far greater than anything we find in the real world. It is the science fiction of Isaac Asimov, Arthur C. Clarke, Ray Bradbury, Ben Bova, Philip Dick, and Jules Verne before them that inspired a world of science fact through fantasy. These individuals extrapolated existing know-how to a future where imagination becomes reality. Good science fiction is the ultimate exploration of human potential for it grants us opportunity to find hope in a future better than that in which we live now.

The writing of Monitor Gray opened me to the pleasure of creating an imaginary world. In Hibernation, River’s Edge, The Stars’ Embrace , and Over the Sun, I awoke with a rich story that took form while I slept. In Digital Transmigration and the animal man I enjoyed waking dreams, an intense connection with a creative channel that remained open just long enough to capture the words and theme.

I hope that in reading what I offer you are granted a similar pleasure, a moment that is suspended without the confine of time. If this happens just once, then I will have succeeded in sharing a story with you.

First flight 05, climb back in, by Kai Staats Kai Staats - Zombies at Buffal Peak Ranch