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Karoo GP

  • Overview: An evolutionary algorithm (type of machine learning), a genetic programming application suite written in Python which provides both symbolic regression and classification analysis.
  • Stage of Development: Karoo GP was developed during Staats’ MSc research at the University of Cape Town / African Institute for Mathematical Sciences and the Square Kilometre Array (SKA), South Africa. Staats continues to improve Karoo, focused on performance, as it gains a more diverse user base including The Ohio State University’s Center for Cosmological and Particle Physics and at LIGO, the gravitational wave observatories.

Learn more and download Karoo GP at github.


  • Overview: A low-cost, hands-on system for experiential learning as a means to engage learners in robotics, evolutionary algorithms, and computer science.
  • Stage of Development: Prototype “walker” used to gage torque required to lift limbs, minimal number of joints required to simulate human motion over smooth terrain.


  • Overview: A means by which an in-line skate may become ubiquitous with daily commuting.
  • Stage of Development: All parts purchased for prototype development.


  • Overview: A means by which a human may generate ample electricity to maintain the charge of a cell phone through the simple act of walking.
  • Stage of Development: An experiment with hand-wrapped electrical field generators (solenoids) and the ability to store the electricity in small capacities. Analysed the motion associated with walking, seeking the optimal angle for maximum electrical generation.
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