The next morning

SMS from Jacintah, 25-Jan-08, 21:08
“At least the morning has come. We don’t know wat next. Part of Pistis neighbourhood houses have been burnt. I don’t know

[where] we r heading.Tension is very high.”

SMS from Jacintah, 25-Jan-08, 23:49
“Gun shots r heard. People r chased. Pistis is in the middle of all thats happening.”

And through a phone conversation I learned the photos from Gladys’ email showcase an estimated 2,000 displaced or homeless individuals. While the Red Cross is working to support those people in the ball park, Pistis remains without financial nor material support. I fear the food will run dry quickly, having seen 90kg bags of beans and rice consumed daily, even when rationed.

My sys admin and I have completed the new donations form for SPAN. We are now moving to raise funds to send to Cameron, Executive Board member who is in Pistis now. With these funds he will purchase food, clothing, beds, and soap for the children. Please consider a donation of any value.