Nakuru Town is Shut Down

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From: Mission in Action – Australia
Date: Jan 25, 2008 9:30 PM
Subject: “Nakuru Town is Shut Down”
To: studentprojectafricanetwork

Trouble is escalating in Nakuru and I have never felt so scared for MIA and the people of Nakuru. The people that many of us know and love… This is out of control and there is nothing we can do for them.. As I type this my hands are sweating and my eyes are welling up with tears.

Mary and the girls are still enroute to Nairobi and then has to make the very unsafe drive home to Nakuru. She has stressed the point that she NEEDS to be home with her children. I will update the site as soon as I hear they are home safe.

The update I have received over the phone from Tammi as she spoke to Ivan is below. You can see more info on the website as well… I will keep it as updated as I can. Some of you will not know the people named below but they are some of our workers who are a big part of our family….

The Kikuyus have said that for every one Kikuyu killed in Eldoret, 2 Kalenjins will be killed in Nakuru. Apparently (from Ivan) the road up to Piave has people waiting with bows and arrows, manchette’s and other weapons incase they are attacked, they are ready to fight. The roads into Nakuru have been blocked and there are checks going on everywhere in Nakuru. One staff member said that the Kikuyus are asking everyone who is not kikuyu to get out of matatus and they are fighting (if not killing) them. So matatus and cars are rarely on the road. They are also targeting the Luo tribe (Anishas tribe) as they are thought to have voted for Raila.

Ivan had to send Wesley back to his home for the orphanages safety, as he is Kalenjin so some prayers his way wouldn’t hurt! There is a good chance that he will have to fight.

Last night was expected to be a very tense night and the violence is ALOT worse than when I was there. As I spoke to Ivan there was a fight happening in Molo, not too far away and many fires.

In town the GSU (riot police) have bee deployed but there are still MANY fires. They are even starting fires during the day! Outside our friends orphanage there are fires that Ivan could see as he spoke to me.

There is talk over there of the violence entering the showground. I’ve seen the showground with my own eyes and if they go there things are going to get a lot worse, there are thousands of people there. Many (if not all) are there because they were scared to be in their own town. Now they’ve tracked them down and are ready to kill them. This is escalating beyond belief

Sarah Eaton
Mission in Action
Nakuru Baby Orphanage