The horrifying & the awe inspiring
The fund raising has gone well, with over $2500 USD in just 4 days. Thank you everyone for your rapid response and support. I am so pleased to find friends among co-workers at IBM and Sony gracious with their donations; support through employees, family, my high school physics prof, and a climber I met just once four years ago at Hueco Tanks (who then called a wood-paneled station wagon home). We have also received donations from a young man I met playing a midnight game of frisbee on the loading dock to the fairy between mainland Mexico and Baja; friends of friends and complete strangers.

In the midst of such chaos, it strikes me that humanity is able to take on two contrasting forms, the horrifying and the awe inspiring. Gladys, Wycliffe, and Jacintah moved to keep the children safe when literally, just outside the orphanage walls people were killed. You who have donated funds have almost overnight enabled Cameron to make certain the kids have their basic needs met, Cameron himself risking his life to remain there as long as he is able.

It’s not over yet, but thank you for everything to date.

Update from Nakuru
Cameron is getting to town as often as he can, when it is safe to do so, to stockpile food, mattresses, and blankets for the kids. These text messages in today from Jacintah and Cameron.

SMS from Jacintah, 28-Jan-08, 06:22
“Thank u 4 the donation u sent thru Cameron. 2day people r indoors. Hope this will all settle soon.”

SMS from Cameron, 28-Jan-08, 08:45
“Things seeming better today in town. Road bad, plan to stay here for now. Bought 15 mattresses & blankets today. Town busy.”