These in from Wycliffe, Cameron, and Jacintah.

SMS from Wycliffe, 27-Jan-08, 03:56
“Army choppers filled the sky of Nakuru shooting. Pple r killing one another. Getting worse n worse is Nakuru.”

SMS from Cameron, 27-Jan-08, 08:32
“Was in town for a min today. Was quiet. On way to nairobi kikuyu are checking vehicles. [Withdrew] $400 today, will do same tmrw 4 mattresses & food.”

SMS from Wycliffe, 27-Jan-08, 08:34
“It’s war. 4 last 2 days live[s] claimed 120 over. Now spreading 2 Naivasha abt 60 miles frm Nkr. Shooting outside Pistis is on. 2 nights no sleep I’ve 2 [see] kids safe”

SMS from Cameron, 27-Jan-08, 08:57
“Have seen choppers the past few days. Safe. Haven’t seen fire today. Still lying low. Will keep you posted as i know [more]”

SMS from Jacintah, 27-Jan-08, 15:57
“Am really afraid, it’s already 1 am and i am unable to sleep. Am just sitting on my bed thinking wen will peace kam!”

SMS from Jacintah, 27-Jan-08, 21:52
“This is beyond politics its tribal which was hidden 4 long n it has erupted, n we still say post election violence. Our neighbours have shifted we’r alone. Peace not known since all sides have laid their rules down.”