The internal muscular, cardiovascular, emotional sensation of having completed a bouldering problem is similar to that of discovering a series of notes applied to a rhythm, the realization of music.

Both bouldering and playing piano invoke the quickening of my pulse, the warmth of my insides, the giddy sensation of connectedness, temporary expanded vision, and sudden sensation of resolution, a place in the universe. Both open me to possibility.

What if these are manifestations of the same? What if connection to a higher power is nothing more (or less) than fulfillment of need to guide one’s self, to create a path where one may not otherwise be obvious and to have the courage to follow it?

What then, if prayer to a higher power is truly granting oneself permission to recognize otherwise unseen paths and the wisdom to choose one over the other. Then proactive visualization is preparation to move as desired, a prayer to oneself that opens possibilities.

If this is true, then permission to send is a problem sent.