I was watching the 10 o’clock news at my Grandparents farm in Iowa last night (my one dose of TV for the year). The TOP STORY was an interview with a “homeland security expert” who claimed something really bad was going to happen soon and could happen in Iowa.

When asked what and why, he said (and I quote), “Well, we’re getting pretty close to the election now and you see, the Al Qaeda may attack Iowa because, well you know, we produce all the corn and beans. We’re the source of the food for the U.S. and they would want to disrupt that.” Following a question about what to do to help prevent attacks, he concluded, “Be very wary of strange things your home town and do not be afraid to report suspicious activity to the police.”

You have got to be kidding. No name. No title. No job. Just “homeland security expert”. What? Are 10,000 militant extremists wearing John Deere baseball caps, blue jeens, and basketball shoes with loose laces to drive through rural Iowa in Dodge Caravans saying things like, “Ya think she’s gonna rain?” in order to burn 10,000,000 square miles of fields and blow up grain elevators?