Incredible, surreal flight from Denver to Atlanta en route to D.C..

It seemed a dream as the sun set over a layer of rolling clouds beneath us. Brilliant orange, red, and dark blue with Venus against the higher region of the initial night sky. We dove through the clouds and were surrounded, the wing lamps pressing in vain against the thickness of the moisture.

When we broke beneath, the wave of tens of thousands of lights, set in islands of suburbia, flickered on and off almost in unison as the imposing trees passed between our seemingly steadfast plane and the rushing earth below.

At one moment, a street light bounded off hundreds of cars perfectly aligned in a lot, the wave of reflection tore across the windshields as though each of them had caught fire only to be extinguished again a micro-second later. I leaned forward and pressed my face against the oval window to see the very last row explode and then vanish.