(sitting at SAAO)

Per my work at SKA yesterday, I learned to use matplotlib to produce 3D plots of my functions in combination with a scatterplot of the Iris features. I was hoping to automate the solving for any given variable using Sympy, but have not found a means to that end. For now, I will manually reform each algebraic expression. Not ideal, but I need to move ahead. Spent too much time on this already.

I recognise that plotting is core to any modern research. I feel far behind, but know I will come up to speed quickly. Between the older gnuplot, matplotlib, and sympy’s plot functions, there are myriad approaches (too many, in fact).

As I have many times experienced over the past year, every day I am humbled by the challenge of learning something new, and at the same time rewarded by the same. Each day feels incremental, but when I look back to my very first line of Python a little over a year ago, and now, over 2500 lines of Object Oriented, multi-core code with a home-built Numpy array management system, yeah, I’ve learned a ton.