While unusual for me to reference Facebook, a recent thread of responses to a post concerning moving my belongings into storage invoked an insightful, touching display of support from friends, as follows …

I wrote, “I moved the first of my things into storage. I know, I know, people do it all the time. But it feels strange, constricting even, to take much of what represents me from a living, breathing space which I created into a small, poorly lit room. Inside, I fear my inventions, my art, my photographs and books will shrivel and die without the light of day.”

“They are just waiting for the time when you need them again. No shriveling, just waiting … this is a time for growth. Interestingly enough, growth is often (if not always) accompanied by fear. In other words, you’re right on track!” –Stephanie W.

“Stephanie said it better — it’s all good!!!” –Dave W.

“Most growth happens in the dark, seeds come into their emergence through a tunnel of dark, poorly lit soil and then WALA into the light, ABUNDANCE, RESURRECTION, LIFE!!!!! YEAHHHHHHH!!!! congrats on selling your home.” –Cielo L.

“Trust me, [they] will be there … the pages of paper my father wrote on are yellowing and brittle but they survive … I am curing myself of hoarding stuff and things … but some memories must be preserved … wrote poems about it and all” –Vitus

“Just objects, the ideas and creativity that spurred them are stil inside you, ready to be returned to when you have time time and attention to nurture them. If anything its good to clear your physical space and mind like this when you need that focus for other dreams.” –Rebecca C.

“If Kai’s worldly possessions start growing like [weeds] then I’ll finally get some use out of this flamethrower.” –Glenn B.