Of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water
A compilation of a number of video sequences I shot this spring and early summer, each is a study in motion, a way of looking at how things move from a different point of view.

In the opening sequence, I want the person who would otherwise be in motion to be stationary, forcing the viewer to notice the motion behind and around that person.

In the second sequence (me running) I presented my body in motion. This is in direct contrast to the previous sequence. Yes, we watch runners or run ourselves, but take note of the way in which feet impact the ground and how a body reacts to impact. There are implied, invisible forces of motion working to counter gravity.

This is, for me, when running feels like flying and anything is possible.

The closing sequences (ocean, lava) are in and of themselves in sharp contrast to each other as well as to the opening two. The ocean is the only sequence maintained in real-time while the speed of the lava flow is increased by a factor of 10x to give life to its molten form.

The moon and clouds on Mauna Kea were used as transitional pieces.

All combined, I have touched upon the four elements: earth, air, fire, and water.

In order of appearance: