My work with Ron Spomer Outdoors began last fall, a business discussion leading from website development into shooting educational and promotional films. We shot more than thirty in September and October, a third of which have been edited and presented on the Ron Spomer Outdoors YouTube channel.

There are a number of titles “The Monstrous Moose,” “The Billy Goat Bluff,” “Size DOES Matter with the Caribou,” and “Are Elk Stupid?” which fall into the category of educational shorts, packing a lot of fun facts into a short time frame. Ron’s natural humor and comfort in front of the camera help to bring these short, simple videos to life.

My favorite, and the most complex of the shoots, is “A Chukar Hunt with Ron Spomer” as it not only provides a good bit of educational material, but provides a full day of hunting compacted into less than five minutes. It was fun to shoot, a lot of work, and a beautiful edit in the end.

In creating these, Ron, Betsy and I set out to so something that works against the current trend: we intentionally limited the cuts, the number of edits to as few as possible, calling upon Ron’s innate talent to just speak and with only a few exceptions, perform damn near perfectly in one take.

Working against some twenty five years of MTV style editing, we are telling stories the old fashioned way—with a professional story teller who carries the audience from start to finish.

While we were taking a risk, it has paid off. The feedback is 100% positive. No one has stated they are bored or wishing we had computer generated graphics. In fact, we have created a new business model around developing short, hands-on, educational product reviews. We always tell the truth while helping to promote quality products.

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