Release. One foot follows the other.
Release. The body glides as though flowing water.
Release. Toe to toe. Heal to Heal. Shifting gate. Changing stride.

There is a pleasure in the run unmatched by anything else humans do. Like the dance, it is ingrained in us, only we have confused the sense of freedom which comes from moving with our feet with the pleasure of acceleration when riding a machine. There is a unique confidence in knowing that a few miles, half a dozen, even ten is easily achieved.

When the car breaks down or the bus is running late. When the weather beckons that you step outside of your routine and into something more comfortable. When you simply cannot take another day moving from one seated position to another. It is when you have run farther than you thought was possible, when you found that place deep inside which comes alive, it is then that you will recall a connection to ancient times, when we used to chase down our prey. We the human hunters, the longest distance-runners on this planet Earth.

When the knots grow bound in muscle, release.
When the lungs cannot find ample air, release.
When the shoulders tire of their burden, release.
When the pain is unbearable, leave fear behind and the smile will run faster, catching you mid-stride. Release, and let yourself remember that you are the animal man.