I am the starting gun, the witness to your bang.
I am the ripple that repeats again and again.

I am the emotion, the motion, the channel for your fear.
I am the reason you resonate, the connection you share.

I am the one who knows the beginning and the end, but
I cannot see from the middle when my work is done.

I am the pot, the frog, and boiling water.
I am the steam, the fire, and the frothing layer.

I am the protagonist, the force behind your unraveling.
I am the reason you came apart, in order to be rewound.

I am the function, the parameter, the broken rule.
I am the law without limit, expansion without form.

I am the Catalyst, the motivator of the reaction and the heat.
I am the cause for change, for lessons repeat.

Though I return to the beginning without you, I will not recant.
When the embers glow, you remain unique.

The combustion is done and I am consumed.
I am love received, shared, and lost again.