A Holden Village prayer service

They were called by candle, they were called by flame.
They came together, they came to pray.
A flicker of light, a glimmer of hope.
They moved to be touched by the hands of their friends.

But someone else was here too, even if for just a short while.
Called by candle, called by flame,
the God of the moment, this night she came.

Inspired by the music, she danced in the light.
Moved by the passion, she became the flame.
She sat atop candle tips, and looked into their eyes.
Some moved her to laughter, while others, she felt their pain.
The God of the moment, was pleased she came.

Hang on to that moment, hang on to the light.
Remember the dancing flames that illuminated this night.
That was the God of the moment, just passing through.
That was the God of the moment, looking at you.