Today I had the pleasure of meeting two most note worthy people: Hugh Downs and James Alexander.

Hugh Downs

My brother Jae of BallBoy Productions works with the Phoenix Children’s Museum, a place for play and interactive learning. Today I assisted him with the interview of Hugh Downs, formerly of the evening news program 20/20.

While our time with Mr. Downs was not extensive, there was a distinct honor in meeting him. His face, his voice, his demeanor were all of a man whose endeavors in life have given him a certain presence, and being in that presence for just a moment was an honor.

Thank you Mr. Downs for sharing your voice.

This afternoon SpanAfrica co-Director Brad and I enjoyed an extensive conversation with James Alexander, a gentleman who has devoted twenty six years of his life working through not-for-profits to help people in need. He met his wife in the Peace Corp, both his children were born Africa where he lived for twenty one years, and even now he continues to devote his life to a similar line of work.

Last year Mr. Alexander was a recipient of the Nelson Mandela Freedom, Peace and Unity Award from the African Alliance of Rhode Island, a means of honoring the incredible work he has done.

Even by means of a less than clear phone connection, he instilled a sense of power, peace, and trust through his words. I found that when the call was complete, I desired to meet him, to travel with him, to learn from him, for the vision he imparts is not that of a need for electricity or running water for individuals, rather the needs of entire regions in order that the people as a whole may rise to a higher level. Mr. Alexander understands how to work with people, to raise their capacity as nation.

Thank you Mr. Alexander for sharing your vision.