I am your shadow. You give me form.

Each day I move from West to East,
always in cool opposition of the intangible sun.

While you stand strong, anchored to the earth and rock,
I stretch, spread, and roll across the varied terrain.

In your image I explore, casting your
shape upon everything I touch.

But on those overcast days,
I am lost to you. I fear
I will exist no more.

Then the sun returns, my definition restored.

Each day the sun sets and I reach to
distant lands which you can see
but will never explore.

I am your shadow.
You give me


You are
my shadow.

I give you form.

We move together
at the demand of the wind.

I am anchored in rock and stone,
but you are free to roam.

Yes, when the rains do come
and I pull the ground water into my veins,
you are lost, melted into the overcast glow.

But the sun always returns, our definition will
again be restored.

Despite my long branches and tremendous roots,
it is you that fills my imagination with places I
cannot explore.

You are my shadow, I give you form.