A Simply Evil Evening
For this year’s Halloween, I attended a gathering of ghouls at the tomb of my neighbors Pete and Daniella. The party was perfectly … horrible!

The front porch was itself a haunted house, the Jacob’s Ladder lighting the fog as it sizzled from bottom to top. Inside, The Exorcist played without sound while witches cackled, pirates said their share of “Arrrggh!” and monsters did groan. When the devil had ensnared each and every soul through food too good to pass by, one frightening fiend read an original story about this hallowed eve which included each of those present, the youngest of which, a vampire, ensnared by every word. The night concluded with a most wicked guitar duo which surely roused all in hell to dance, only to lay down again.

Before the days of dying in lines at the mall, digging graves for our debt, people told stories, ate good food, and scared each other just enough to make the walk home a little faster than that which brought them together.