On 2009-09-12 Steve Muriithi, Morokoshi founder wrote:

How is you[?] … thank you for your education, we open the school on 8-9-2009 and everyone the children and teachers are doing well the women continue to tender the green house and i filled the tank with water from water line. So they are able to to irrigate [their] plant without any problem; they also did plant in of new plant at the other shamba in wanyororo.

We have not had good rain though we still have not lost hope. The feeding progrmme is still on … im still trying all i can to feed this kids with my the money from juice bar. im now milking my second cow and this have really help suplement the feeding progrmme. As you know the economy back bone of this country is agricuture so … now we are poor more than before. but im sure we will make it, we will tighten [our] belt … the children are doing great and continue to put a hard smile … that how life can be sometime, but never last way forever. say jambo to everybody and you family.

2009-09-28 06:08 Steve Muriithi, Morokoshi founder wrote:

… the green house is doing very well and the tomatotes are so big ;i wish you were here to see. the rain have come but we need more tanks and im planing to build washroom and use the water from the tanks to keep the toilets clean. say high to Criss and we really miss him. the feeding prgrmme is still going on and i continue giving this children poridge. they need it more than before as you know that the drought have really hit us. bye for now Kai. i miss you man.

On 2009-10-02 Steve Muriithi, Morokoshi founder wrote:

It so good to note that the visitors and the volonteers are appreciating our work and our plan. This is very encoraging and especially to big heart like Grace. I know we can achieve more in future and we shall make morokoshi to be the best in this community. any way and im happy for you guys and we shall do more. Say a big jambo to Chris and Grace