Three weeks ago the Fixstars Solutions’ Colorado operation was closed.

I have been waiting for the right words to move from mind to brain, from fingers to keyboard. I believe I have been waiting for something profound, something worthy of the closure of more than a decade of my life and yet this transition was neither sudden nor unexpected and therefore, perhaps, not worthy of a great deal of commentary.

Much of the value for which Terra Soft was acquired by Fixstars was eroded by decisions made by key vendors, then compounded by market trends and weak economies. Frustrating and certainly not foreseen last fall, I feel for Fixstars’ CEO Miki-san who spearheaded the acquisition of Terra Soft in challenging times as a means of rising above the average. I am certain he will find a new, solid direction.

Director of Engineering Owen remains on-board from his location in Victoria, Canada and is working with the Tokyo-based engineers to advance Yellow Dog Enterprise Linux (YDEL) offerings.

As I am no longer involved with the Yellow Dog, I am both thankful and sad for what was, excited and uncertain for what will be.