Steve Muriithi, founder of the Morokoshi Preschool writes:

Thank you so much for your letter and concern. i read your blogs and it was good.

sorry for what happen while you were here. this tells you that its not essay to live in Africa and you need a lot of strength to survive. lack of good health care sanitation is one of the thing that the school should focus to help this children. If what happen to you can happen to this small one then rest be assured that they will be past tense

Any way we have closed the school for holiday but we are having forty student from both primary and secondary who are are getting

[education] at our school. morokoshi have become a learning institution.

I’m so busy trying to help my people the children and also my work. But all in all things are moving so well and i finish building the class for baby. It look nice and Grace saw it … every thing is well and we trying to fight famine and hunger that have affected us. i wish you all the best in plan as the world economy continue to [hurt] all of us.