In just 2 weeks time, I will return to Kenya to work for three weeks at the Morokoshi school, outside of Nakuru.

My friend Chris Emmel and I will focus our efforts on upgrading the solar PV system with an improved charge controller, inverter/charger, batteries, 2 more panels, and heavier gauge wire. We also hope to build a composting toilet for the now greater than 80 children, and an improved water catchment and purification system.

This trip comes as fruition to a 4-month reorganization program Rebecca, Cameron, Brad, and I have undertaken in preparation for the expansion of SpanAfrica. It’s been an exciting time, to gain so much support and see new potential open for those grassroots organizations with whom we work in Africa.

And yes, we are in need of substantial funds to enable all of this to unfold as planned. To date, we have raised just under $1000 of the minimal $7000 required. [link to fund raising pages removed].