Morokoshi classroom 1

On 2008-12-21 Steve Muriithi, Morokoshi founder wrote:

[With] the mood of the the new year … the Japanees friend broke good news this week … want to build [a new] class through the cloth company; this was a very big surprise after an year of big struggle. This makes our plan successful.

Everything is doing great and i can see that we may succeed, our plan may even beat our time. The only thing that we should do is to make our work and management to be the best in east and central Africa.

Morokoshi classroom 2

Having a big worry of a large intake next year, now you sleep tight cause i can see that we shall be having new class desk and now we should be looking ahead for chairs and washroom. The school in Kenya open in the second week of January.

The playing field is now ready and im happy that the new kids will have a good playing ground. After X-mas i will send you the photo of how far i have gone interestingly all the money that im using is from my juice stand. It have prove to be the best.

Thank you for the good work that you continue doing for Morokoshi. Cam, the letter that you wrote to the council addressing the market grievances is now at work and the council [has] started responding to our problem. i miss your way of writing and the way you can arrange things. Thank for your knowledge.

Kai, i have now doors and windows that i bought and i wish you and your team work were near to fix them on behalf of the school. i miss your good work. the school is doing well and all is well. the changes that we all believe in is now coming to morokoshi and you can see it beauty. It’s so wonderful!

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