hand-stand new desks new desks

On 2008-10-09 Steve Muriithi, Morokoshi Founder wrote:

Thanks for your encouragement; i got 51.5 dollars … and added the money and bought ten tables. the are big enough for eight children. and can also be used by student who come to morokoshi to study they costed me 323.5 dollars. my juice bar have been of great help and contributed the money (272). The rest was donated by cameroun. the school is doing great and have been able to tap other talent like the one you can see … and now most of the kids can now read and write, is that not great?

This have been possible through hard work of the teachers and the management. when the fund is available we shall have 80 chairs which can be enough for two classes. one table is big for 8 children and 5 of them can be enough for a class. I believe by next year i will have a new class.

Lastly the solar and the library are doing great. cameroun our six month plan we have achieved!

– field making.
– desks.
– improvement in stardard of class work.and this you bare me witness from Amos.
– taping of some talent from the kids.

Although we may not have achieved much; but we have done our best.

Lastly id want to thank you for your concern on morokoshi and all you have done to see a change that we can believe in. though life have become so hard in kenya but we are trying our best to see that our heads keep up floating, and make sure that we move. welcome back to kenya.