Dear Partners,

We write to wish you happy blessed New Year, 2008. We had a memorable year 2007 and thank you for your support during the year. It was a year of unprecedented miracles … we are grateful to you.

We have had general election on 27th December 2007. The post election has violence has claimed over 150 people killed hundreds of others injured in violence sparued by disputed results of the presidential election won by Mr Mwai Kibaki. Kenya is severely damaged due to disputes over the outcome. Both sides (Government and opposition) are alleging rigging and have taken extreme positions. Never has there been so much animosity between people who have lived together as good neighbours for many years.

Food and fuel is hiking and youths blocking roads and burning property as they protest at results of presidential role. Most of the businesses remained closed for the third day running. The few that open priced their goods exorbitantly with a bunch of kales going for 50 Ksh from 5 Ksh. Sugar maize flour beef and vegetables have disappeared as traders remain indoors for their own security. Meanwhile, the Government is assuring the country that its security force would contain the post-election violence. Pray with us for our stock of food and cash as CMD is drilling. Secondly that peace be restored to our beautiful country. That all Kenyans cherish the peace and stability that we have enjoyed from God and live together in tolerance and mutual respect.

Lastly, as we make the New Year, we wish you a happy and blessed prosperous mew year 2008. God richly bless you.

Bishop Laban and Rev Gladys Wekesa