Hi Kai!

Attacks were real, people have been killed yester night and more tension, fear and more displacement and loss of jobs as people seek refuge elsewhere. Nakuru has been calm till yesterday when some of … boys were spotted in groups and were confirmed to be non-residents of Nakuru.

More fightings, between groups of different ethnicity, resulting into death, damages and destruction of people’s properties. The killings happened at northwest of Pistis about 1 kilometer from the school. It is unfortunate that I can’t be able to give out the exact number of the casualty and death. But is reported to be more 5 or so were killed.

Kenyans, Nakuru in particular have been watching Hollywood productions and always felt like its good to watch movies in the cinemas and this is really war/fighting, never had experience of such. Now! Things are no longer in the Hollywood or cinemas but it is happening, gunshots weren’t heard by most of people, unless through electronics today a different story.

Results of the killings are demoralizing and have let us down in most areas of our concern. Respect, love, unity, harmony, friendship, neighborhood … are being killed by hatred and tribalism. Political differences may rip us apart.

Post-election, yes! post election, I think it is not election result that are fueling people to turn against each other, but my perspective is idle and inoperative people have taken advantage of the situation to loot and acquire things in a wrong way.

As much as they have support of their … Who will come publicly and say my supporter have been arrested without any wrong committed? At the scene of crime, in possession of goods without a trace of legal ownership, I forbid that. They are criminals not their supporters, if yes, are really supporters then the first and foremost criminal is that politician in defense of the criminal arrested by the police.

Politicians are the most to be blamed of every single blood drop from innocent Kenyans. People are killed by their supporter and no one, even a single political leader have publicly cursed the killings. They have remained mum and it’s like nothing is happening in their area of vicinity.

Some of them come out publicly and claim their people are being killed and are displaced yet at night they support the intrusion of other people’s properties and even to an extent robbing and killing. People.

What are Kenyan politicians? Self seekers, greedy to grab, unpatriotic, power hungry, un-visionary, money seekers, looters, people who want to be small gods [for] their supporters. These are politicians who think that they are leaders. It applies to them in opposition and Government.

I support every cause of unity and friendship among the people of Kenya and our friends who are with us in prayers and thinking of positive happenings Kenya.

Friends you are all dear to me and my family, my neighbor and my nation. I do write to express my concern to all of you that nothing can be solved unless hands are put together, a friend in need comes in the very time of the need of his help. We need your moral support and more so closeness in every way you may see us through this burning moments.

Kai, thank you for every encouragement you’ve had for us every singe help financially and morally.