More orphans than resources
As more than a quarter million Kenyans have left or lost their homes in the past month, there are many children now homeless. The Kenyan government has mandated that key orphanages receive additional children, including Pistis. The following are a series of text messages from Jacintah, a staff member of the Pistis Academy and Orphanage and member of my host family.

SMS from Jacintah, 19-Jan-08, 02:40
“Children who r displaced du 2 the caos in kenya r being distributed at the orphanages around our towns. We’ll be given abt 10 or more kids for temporary stay.”

SMS from Jacintah, 19-Jan-08, [n/a]
“The children will be coming monday afta passing thro court.”

SMS from Jacintah, 21-Jan-2008 04:50
“HI, we have been given 20 kids who’r displaced they’r all 10 years n below.”

SMS from Jacintah, 22-Jan-2008 04:35
“Guess what! We’ve been given 10 more kids 2day n stil expecting more anytime.”

SMS from Jacintah, 22-Jan-2008 08:45
“As per now we’r in need of blankets, matresses, food, school uniforms, books, soap n medicine. Nway the list is endless. Thank u 4 ur concern n love abt us.”

Unfortunately, the government is not at this time offering financial assistance which places a tremendous burden on Pistis for the price of food has sky-rocketed and availability remains low. This may be the greatest, long term crises to face. SPAN is now receiving additional donations for Pistis.

Thank you! –kai