Outside My Experience
In my life there are but two events that I hold of true value, experiences that I cherish over all else I have done with my career, family, or friends.

In 1995 I spent a month in Poland, designing and then coordinating the construction of a 2000 sq-ft, outdoor playground for the children of Salmopolska, in the mountains outside of Bielsko-Biawa. As the manager of the project with children and adults from 7 countries, it was an incredible experience of long, hard days, adventure and laughter that I will never forget.

In 2001, I ventured to work at a high school in Oshigambo, a small town in northern Namibia, Africa. I assisted the teachers and students in the reconstruction of their computer lab, helping to upgrade the antiquated but functional x86 computers with what parts and pieces were available, as well as introduce a YDL box and hand-held USB microscope. I gained friends with whom I remain in contact, and a memory of the music and energy that the children of Oshigambo radiate.

This second effort moved me in many more ways than I am able to express, for the witness of true poverty and a nation burdened by AIDS coupled with energetic, eager school children who want to learn and grow beyond their current social-economic confines. An amazing tribute to the human spirit.

Understanding & Respect
In these volunteer opportunities, I fear I am selfish for I may have grown more than those whom I ventured to work with. In my forthcoming time in Kenya, I fully expect to once again be moved in this way, but more importantly, to leave knowing that my contribution initiated a life long relationship through which I will gain a growing level of understanding and respect.

I offer this channel of communication as a means of sharing my time in Kenya. I invite you to explore beyond that which you read in the daily paper and watch on TV –to get involved through research, communication, and contribution– even your own travel to a place that may benefit from your hands, feet, passion, and energy.

Your Support is Needed

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