We look to digital clocks and can no longer tell time.

We walk through automated doorways and lose the opportunity to open the door for a stranger or a friend.

We speak to our radios and no longer benefit from the happy accident of the in-between station.

The room is illuminated when the thermal signature of our body is recognized against the backdrop of the ambient norm, and we are encouraged to forget that not long ago everyone knew how to start a fire with sticks and stones.

We use GPS to guide us across the nation, or just a few blocks to a gas station we have already visited a hundred times before, yet we could not give those same directions to a friend.

We used to memorize dozens of phone numbers, calculate tips for the wait staff in our head, and estimate the time of day by looking at the sun. Now we use computer applications under the pretense the our brains are free to do more, yet we fall to sleep each night binge watching Netflix series instead.