(email to my fellow researchers)

My classification TEST suite is complete, producing Accuracy, Precision, and Recall scores on associated trees.

I have a very basic evaluation built for the Abs Value (minimization) function. Not really sure what one usually uses to test one of these, other than comparing the distance from the known solution to the produced result.

Spent a few hours dealing with a ‘zoo’ (Pythonic nomenclature for “divide by zero”). Seems SymPy is willing to carry divide-by-zero functions as long as you don’t attempt to process them as a float. Then it freaks out. So, I had to intercept the polynomial processing with a str() test for ‘zoo’.

Anyone ever tried a Google search for “python zoo”?

Finally, I need to apply the sklearn split function across my data. The framework is in place (already modified the way the data is passed through the entire script to accommodate both TRAINING and TEST).

Should be easy. (stupid last words)