The past 3 days have been a fun dive back into my code. I discovered my code no longer worked with cos and sin, the matching fitness function (result = solution) failed with floats, and my minimalisation function was selecting the final Tree, not the best. Ugh!

The float issue all programmers deal with, namely, forcing all variables which are compared against each other into the same number of positions to the right of the decimal point. FIXED!

The cos and sin were related to the float issue. FIXED!

The minimalisation function was my own damned fault, as in my Tournament Selection I had copy/pasted a body of code with intent to them rework it from maximising to minimising, but got distracted, forgot (3-4 weeks ago?) and only tonight realised what was happening. FIXED!

Here are my first results from the working minimalisation function. What remains is the automated selection of the best of the best, not just a list of the leaders in the final generation. Easily done.

Desired result:
a*b + c where 1*10 + 0.05 = 10.05

Trial 1:
a*b + c – c**3/b where 1*10 + 0.05 – (0.05^3/10) = 9.64

Trial 2:
a*b + c + c/b where 1*10 + 0.05 + 0.05/10 = 10.055
a*b where 1*10 = 10.00
a*b + c where 1*10 + 0.05 = 10.05 is CORRECT
a*b + c + c/a where 1*10 + 0.05 + (0.05/1) = 10.10

Trial 3:
a*b + c where 1*10 + 0.05 = 10.05 is CORRECT
a*b + 1/b where 1*10 + 1/10 = 10.10

The above test works perfectly. Now, I have only to test the Iris classification set and I will have all 3 fitness functions fully tested and working.

I am roughly 5 weeks behind sched, but believe I can catch-up as I my code base is solid and designed for the rapid introduction of new fitness functions. In theory, this goes fairly smooth after I prove the base works (why do I keep saying this?!)