I have been coding for nearly three months, with but a ten days break. I love this time and space. Singularly focused. Only one task in life. I leave my phone at home, launch my development Virtual Machine (no email, no Facebook), and dive in.

My machine learning (a subset of Artificial Intelligence) code “came to life” about ten days ago when it first converged on a solution. That was an incredible feeling. Almost there! Just one more type of mutation to complete. All tools are built but this one. Then it should just work.

While I set out to build a script to work with SKA KAT7 data, my tendency toward building things BIG kicked in and my GP instead became a platform. As a result of my approach, I inadvertently developed a pointer system for managing Numpy arrays. Each column in an axis-1 array is treated as a unique object with parent/child relations to others in the array.

If I had known how hard this would be, I would have looked for alternatives or considered a different plan. But sometimes it is best to just go into a battle blind, look back, and realize how far you have come.