(email to my fellow researchers)

Been coding 4-8 hrs every day for two weeks (since the GPU workshop). I feel I am making a snails-pace of progress, but at the same time learning a lot, step-by-step, piece-by-piece.

In the past 72 hrs I have migrated all functions into a Class (library), the foundation of proper Object Oriented Programming. Thuso stopped by yesterday and got me over a hurdle. Robert gave me some pointers as well. Mostly motivation. All coding remains at the tips of own fingers.

My code is clean, modular, and scalable. All functions are now ‘gp.[method]’ enabled. Once I get the internal message passing working properly, building a GP will be as simple as passing a few variables from one method to the next. In essence, I am creating a GP platform.

This may seem a bit overboard, but it sets the foundation for much simpler movement into the next steps: mutation, cross-over, and reproduction. I have merged what were two scripts into a single base which enables both Classify and Symbolic regression functionality, auto-selecting the associated dataset from the files/ directory.

The Tournament selection is done and tested. It randomly picks n Trees from the total population, selects the one with the highest fitness, and stores that in a list. Once for reproduction and mutation. Twice for cross-over.

Mutation is drafted. Need to call the methods in the right order.

Back to work …