(email to fellow researchers)

The GP Evaluation section of my code is complete.

I don’t want to admit to how simple this was, but after a few sleepless nights I woke this morning with a solution to synchronise the variables created by the SymPy eval function with the columns in the original data.csv

My code now draws the variables from the first row of data.csv (instead of a sep file) and auto-walks through every row for each tree, comparing the output of the randomly generated polynomial against the desired solution.

For my very simple test, I built a .csv whose solution for every row is the sum of all the numbers, as follows:


And by random luck, my third run of a single tree came up with the solution. However, it has not happened again, since :)

I can, as of now, draw from *any* .csv file, including the SKA data set. While it would not produce a valuable answer, it feels good to be real-world capable.

Now I am adding a flag for each tree that succeeds. Next, I will add support for Boolean operators and then build the Tournament.