Today I completed the Andrew Ng open course on Machine Learning

Every morning for the past two months I have awaken (woke? waked? woke up?) at 6 am, on the beach by 6:30, then run, surfed, practised yoga or a combination for an hour. Back to my flat for breakfast and 1-2 Andrew Ng videos until 10 am. Down to AIMS for tea and into the office (where I am distracted by the view of the waves and beach).

Had to watch some of the lectures more than once, to absorb all that was presented. I paused at every formula in order to copy it into my small, spiral notebook. Over 50 pages in all. The first two chapters were hard to get through, but then I gained a kind of momentum–I even looked forward to the videos.

If you desire a crash course to Machine Learning, this is the way to go.

However, I hope to never hear the word “concretely” again.