iConji First Sketch by Kai Staats

Thinking Inside the Box
“To be perfectly honest, we’re not likely what you might expect. No linguists. No social scientists. Not really anyone on-board with the proper credentials to create a new communications system. Rather, an assembly of can-do creative types, a mix-match of rock climbers, golfers, skiiers, graphic designers, videographers, an attorney who wears hiking shoes to work and another who runs marathons; a former high school physics professor, uber geeks and business freaks. That’s us, in a nut shell. —Kai Staats, May 2010

The Team Members
Our development team: Kai Staats of Over the Sun, Dan Burcaw, Lindsay Giachetti, Bruce Geerdes and the whole Double Encore crew, Bennett Scott of Tendon Productions, Ben Reubenstein of Xcellent Creations and Matt Crest of Artletic, Dan Heim of Heimhenge Enterprises, and Rick and Karin of HKH. Our launch team: Jae Staats and Jason Francois of Ballboy Productions, Josh Dean, and Orchid Tao.

Special thanks to our launch vocabulary translators: Amjad, Amos and Lindah, André, Elo, Georg, Giovanni, Hiro, and Paloma; to our follow-on translators Niklas and Sonja; and to Ariana, Andi, Cameron and Chris for your involvement in the early vocabulary design sessions which gave life to iConji, February 22, 2009.