“If there were just one piece of my ten years history as CEO of Terra Soft Solutions which I could carry forward as a reminder of what my small, poorly funded, often ragtag team of can-do spirited creative types accomplished, it is the fact that we satisfied all but a handful of clients and customers, and in our own, small way, changed the way which Linux was used on the desktop.” –Kai Staats, 25 January 2012



“I liked the set up for the PS3. It was simple and easy to use. many great features … I liked how you gave use the choices on the set up to customize right away. The DVD Down loaded really easily … a really stable Linux OS. thanks For making the PS3 a nice addition to the Home PC.

Did I mention that I have Tried Open Suse for the PS3 only to be met with sound a and video issues, I have used Ubuntu only to be met with issues pertaining to an upgrade that resulted in the complete breaking of the system. not to mention a few other things, mainly the set up display made me growl. YDL, was simple to set up and simple to get loaded without having to key in codes and such.” –Lee w.


“Just wanted to take a minute to say, YOU GUYS ROCK!!! Thank you for YDL for PS3. It was exactly what I needed, and I have done so much with it you will never understand. Hopefully you fight for the same privileges for the upcoming PS4! You guys are the best! YDL wwwoooooo-hhhooooooo!” –Felix H.


“… allow me a brief moment to express my total amazement with what you are doing with the PS3 platform.” –Brian W.


“Since the modification of the first Xbox, I’ve been into the ‘Running Linux on a Game Console’ scene, but I’ve never seen software anywhere NEAR with the kind of depth and reliability of YDL 6

[for the PS3]. Needless to say I am very pleased with your product and want to give my deepest thanks to those who are developing this wonderful project. I’ve never been so satisfied with any kind of software, and best of all, you offer it as a FREE DOWNLOAD! Keep up the great work and I hope to see more amazing stuff from you guys!” –Brian B.


“just wanted to THANK YOU VERY MUCH all at yellow dog, i have just installed a free copy for my Sony PS3 and i must say im most impressed. keep up the good work im sure this is going to be big for both Yellow Dog and Sony PS3. all the best for the new year ahead” –Nicholls S.


“We just got rid of our pc, it was like 8 years old and barely working, and now use the ps3 with ydl exclusively. You guys did a great job.” –Jake D.


“i have no problems to report other than the fact that you guys rock. this has been by far the only linux distribution that installed and worked right off the bat on my dual mac g5.” –Carlos A.


“Thanks for the wonderful OS to date. I’m a newbie to Linux OS but managed to install on my PS3 with no ‘big’ issues.” –Raymond L.


“I learned something about the interrelationship between … Linux applications, their installation and update. It seems that the quickest way to learn is to dive in and try for a goal. The package updater [yum] you mentioned … works well and fast. Troy was especially helpful in fleshing out the instructions on ydl.net … I’m looking forward to buying my next YDL disk.” –Thomas K.


“In general my experiences with YDL are very positive so i write this to wag-wag ;-) First the positive thing to “make your day” better – i ran ydl on ps3 and this thing is really cool and i’m happy that you support this platform – this was for me the reason to buy that box.” –Bernd U.


“I just saw Yellow Dog Linux running on PS3 on Gametrailers.com. I’ve never used Linux (except boot-CD), and I was blown away by Linux on PS3. I think it is amazing what you’re doing on PS3. Thanks for what you do!” –Nimajus


“Picked up the PS3 [from you] … What can I say, it exceeds my expectations in every possible regard. Booted up perfectly, drove my 32″ LCD monitor and looked fantastic … The two things I was looking for, NFS and SSH, worked out-of-the-box. I just mounted a terabyte RAID array via NFS and have all the storage I need …” –Brian W.


“I love Yellow Dog Linux. It runs wonderfully on G3 300s! … No I am just dreaming for 5.0! :)” –Donald T.


“Yep, everything worked as expected. Your installation guide and introductory help pages for the OS and interface are spot-on. Kudos.” –Chris R.


“The announcement of Yellow Dog Linux 5.0 for Playstation 3 was the news I have been waiting for the last year. I can’t wait to purchase this exciting combination.” –Nicholas T.


“Ive read everything about the YDL and it got me really exited about the possibility of being able to run Linux on a PS3 and develop with the new CELL technologies.” –Anonymous


“Please to God make the PS3 linux client extremely friendly … Eagerly awaiting this OS … Many thanks for your efforts.” –Jeremy


“Congratulations on the PS3. I’m starting to think that apple going to Intel was the best thing for terrasoft and PPC linux. So, can I order a PS3 with YDL5 on it yet?” –Troy B.


” … thank you for bringing Linux to PS3 – it is huge huge news!” –Peter P.


“I just want to tell you that we have moved from Mac OS X 10.3 to YDL for some of ours Powermac G4 and we have been really impress with the quality and perfomance of your Linux, this is more than we expected! YDL really rocks! Please keep doing this great job with this wonderful linux version for PPC machines.” –Daniel M.


“I saw the light! I was plagued by a crashing OSX and decided enough was enough. I recently installed YDL on my G4 and it works
great. ” –Joel S.


“I had read before how some former Mac OS X users reluctantly chose a dual boot YD Linux-capable product, and then became Yellow Dog … Linux devotees. I did not believe it then, but decided it could be the safest way to begin to learn about Linux … but now I do … it has become important that applications such as databases be cross platform compatible with Linux … Thank you. Here is a very satisfied user in Calgary.” –Michael H.


“Hello and thank you for saving Steve’s job.” –Russ


“I just installed the new YDL on an old iMac, and I had to write to say –WOW. Nice job folks. I am embarking on a project to provide old macs to very poor folks in an area of northern Pennsylvania, and I am going to use YDL to do it … Thank you so much for all the hard work that you obviously do to make this great product possible at such a great price point.” –Gary S.


“Thanks for the help on moving over to YDL for my XServe server and cluster. My main server has been moved over and the cluster is currently formatting. I’ve run some of my own code and with only a recompile, YDL is consistently 5%+ faster than Tiger, even with no tinkering. I’m truly enjoying it, thanks.” –Rodney D.


“Just a short note to say how shocked i am to hear that apple have decided to switch to Intel processors. For the record I really hope you survive in the industry since you have always produced one of the most elegant and stable forms of Linux. Keep up the good work.” –David C.


“Hi, I’d been using a kind of makeshift distro of Fedorappc on my AlBook 15″ for a while now. I just installed 4.0 rc2 yesterday, and wanted to congratulate you guys. It’s just fantastic.” –David


“A big thanks to you and the rest of the people at Terra Soft. The machine is wonderful. I’m a long time Red Hat user, so Yellow Dog has a real nice ‘home’ feeling. I really appreciate all of the effort you guys have put into this transaction. Job well done, and thank you, alot!” –Joey J.



Gnome, gnome on the range
Where the Yellow Dogs and penguins play
Where seldom is Word
Ever mentioned or heard
And Linus just smiles all day

–Luke S.


“So I needed to make several development linux servers for our lab, but we had no x86 machines that could be used & no money could be spent. But we had plenty of G3 macs laying around that had been phased out. A co-worker had mentioned to me that yellowdog linux ran on ppc. Off I went, downloaded the ISOs & proceed to run through one of the easiest & best installers for ANY distribution i’ve come across. Yellow dog is a great linux distribution all around & solved my linux problem.” –Bah


“Great just great. YDL is one of the best distros ive evr tried…great for begginers and experts,complete yet powerful…what else can i add…it gave new life to my ibook…going to contribute in creating and porting software to YDL.” –Ibrahim, Rome, Italy

p.s. Did i tell you all that i love you guys for this wonderful linux distro?


“I just wanted to say keep up the good work on the G5 port of YDL! Progress seems to be coming fairly quickly, and boy is it exciting. I cannot wait! I plan on buying and installing it on my G5 the minute it becomes available for general release.” –Spike B.


“I’ve been with you since 2.0 … it was a struggle to set up and actually use for any real work. I labored for months to try to set up dail-up. With 3.0.1, all that has changed. Printing and wireless were configured without trouble, and Yum is utterly delightful! This has the “look and feel” of a mature, usable OS; ready for prime-time. Sic ’em, Yellow Dog!” –V. Mabus


“I am always amazed when I wear my ‘Yellow Dog’ shirt that people say – “Oh, I know of YDL”. My young protege that I am working with now said that.” –Heidi H.


“YDL arrived today (Wednesday). So thanks to everyone who made it happen. I’ll pick up a manual when they become available in the Linux stores in Sydney and hopefully find enough information on your site to let me install it without any problems. Thanks again for the really helpful service – something that I don’t encounter much despite all the bullshit organizations produce about the great service they supposedly provide. Best wishes.” –Geoff E.


“I did the Xautoconfig like you told me to reset the Apple 20″ lcd, and the screen is now very nice. I’ve updated my install and man, o, man do I love this ol’ yellow dog!! YDL on my new powermac (mirrored doors) dual 1.25 with Nvidia GeForce Ti 4600 (128 ram) and the two hard drives make this little apple sit up and howl!! You guys are doing a fantastic job. Long live linux, and long live ydl. Thank you very, very much.” –John W.


“As a new-born switcher, I spent nearly two months on trying to make my new Mac OS X 10.2.6 (later on 10.2.8) behave as I wanted it to. The more time I spent on it, the more similar to my old Linux-systems it became; and in time I realized that I neither wanted nor needed the features of OS X, and I also realized how awfully slow it was on my iLamp 700MHz … I recalled hearing of a PC-distribution named Yellow Dog Linux back when I still was a Intel-user, so I visited Yellow Dog Linux’s homepage and found it to be very well updated, and exactly what I needed.” –Anders


“What can I say? You guys are the greatest! I totally forgot to send you my fax number and then I open my mailbox to find that you took the time to follow up and mail it to me. Now *that* is customer service. Thanks for all of your help and congratulations on the richly deserved press YD has received lately.” –Ron O’C.


“I wanted to write to you to rave about YDL of course. I almost fell off my chair when I found the install process to be the easiest one I’d ever done. My PowerBook G4 DVI dualboots perfectly between YDL and OS X and I’m now having much more fun with the Mac than I ever used to … All in all, a great system that I’m very happy with! Cheers, and keep up the great work!” –Leto A.


“I was a Mac user and I wanted to try something new … I have an iMac G3/400mhz … I found out about YDL. AH!!!!! It runs perfect! Apt-get works excellent and my computer doesn’t crash. I can have like 10 apps running and I don’t get the “memory low” message anymore. I got it for free but I will buy a copy of the official version. I want to have it….and the book too!” –Odel G.


“Thank you very very much for making Yellow Dog Linux!! I got interested in putting linux on my eMac a short month ago, and pretty much just went with the first distro for ppc i found — mandrake. bad choice. I finally got it installed on the 11th try. it took me a few hours messing around with XF86 config tool before i even got the X-server to start…and even then the picture wasn’t very pretty.

I have since initialized my hard drive and started from scratch with YDL. I downloaded the ISOs and it installed perfectly the 1st time. It immediately started up X-server flawlessly with a picture-perfect screen. It has all the features I would expect of a linux distro for PPC and then some!

You guys rock! Keep up the good work!” –Micah F.


“YDL 3.0 is a top-notch distro from top-notch folks at Terra Soft. My TiBook loves YDL as much as I do and loves the extra attention she gets since YDL was first installed a few months ago. YDL is now the primary OS with OSX only being used for DVD’s and iPhoto. OS9 no longer even dwells here.

I will be a steady CUSTOMER of YDL with each successive release. This distro deserves as much $ support as can be thrown at it! I use YDL for both my personal as well as my consulting/training business use and could hardly be happier. Go YDL!! Thanks, guys/gals for putting Linux so wonderfully well in an Apple wrapper. I’m loving it! Keep up the fabulous work. (I wear the T-shirt proudly!)” –Sean K.


“YDL 3.0 rocks! Just got the 6 CDs from German retailer ‘Lehmanns’ and now I’m writing this from the freshly installed YDL via Evolution! Really nice installation, not much further configuration needed. I don’t always have to correct ZDL (german kbd layout) and the desktop design is very nice, too. It was worth it replacing gentoo :-P Keep up good work!” –Florian Z.


“Been using YDL since the beginning, sometime with good, sometimes with bad experiences … just d/l YDL3 and boy, this is your best piece so far, installation worked fast and flawless, the set-up went so smooth, I couldn’t believe it! :-) Will recommend it to all my friends who want to play with Linux :-) Keep up the good work!” –Christian B.


“Excellent work! The install of YDL 3.0 is fabulous and looks terrific to boot! Excellent, excellent work!” –David B.


“WOW!. I downloaded 3.0 over the weekend and could not believe my eyes. After spending 3 weeks trying to get MDL 9.1 to run on my ageless 350 B&W, YDL 3.0 ran on the first install! No muss, no fuss. Great job.” –Brian S.


“3.0 rocks! I didn’t have to pound my head against the the wall for two weeks to get my airport card working.” –Andy


“… when it comes to the desktop and OpenOffice, boy o boy, YDL is great … Spanish works just dandy … I get the ‘ny’ right, I get the diacriticals just right and I get the upside down punctuation marks just right also, which means the keyboard is right. And with YDL it is just plain cheap to network an office of typists and keep them away from both intel and windows, just with KDE and YDL and the mac platform, old macs with pci and 603/604 powerpc chips that are selling for 150 bucks and still run the mile, are a bonanza …” –Sergio F.


“You guys rock with tech support even for those who didn’t purchase ydl and downloaded the distrobution. That’s simply amazing in fact never had that kind of treatment from any other linux companies. Thanks YDL for your promptness that really shows dedication.” –Dylan M.


“Hey O Noble Master Wizard-Geek: I praise thy profound guidance which has permitted me to elevate the daemons and manifest printing within!! Wonder of wonders printing — by the very Gods — even the test pages pale as they appear in the blossom of their full bloom. Thy hast even provided a sturdy OpenOffice!! Sir, I am overtaken with emotion and gratitude of thy enormous beneficience.

With good humor and appreciation of a fantastic production.” –Derick C.


“What a great product. I currently have Yellow Dog 2.3 installed on my PowerBook G4 800MHz and it runs like lightening! Some of my geek friends snicker at the fact that I am not running YDL on an older machine but rather I run it just cause I absolutely love YDL and get sick of the Mac OS sometimes. I am eagerly awaiting the public mirrors release of 3.0. As a developer myself i would just like to say the staff of YDL does a fantastic job of porting Linux to the Mac and I am counting down the days till May 2nd!” –Drew M.


“Just finished my install of YDL 2.3 I purchased online. Partioning was tricky with this Mac OS 8.0 install (I needed newer Drive Setup which I downloaded from Apple) … I have no Mac experience at all. Figured it out using your excellent installation guide. YDL install of Home/Office version smooth except for my wrong choice of video accelerator … fixed [with] Xconfigurator. I was impressed YDL found my ethernet card right away and my broadband router as soon as I selected DHCP. I couldn’t help talking praise about YDL the next morning at work. Thanks for a great product. YDL rocks!” –Tony H.


YDL on iBook

“since xmas I’m the proud Owner of a iBook2. The first thing I did, is looking for a Linux Distribution, that that got the same coolness as the iBook. And I did found only one: ‘Yellowdog :D’ To show you my happyness about and with Yellow Dog, i will sent you this self edited splash screen for Gnome 1.4.xx (This picture was made with Gimp, I do really have NO Windows on any of my computers at home) Greetings from Germany” –Michael E.


“To all of you great people at YDL: Hip hip hooray! Hip hip hooray! Hip hip hooray! I sincerely appreciate YDL’s effort in making a great product.” –Kevin M.


“When I bought and installed YDL 2.2 on my 1998 PowerBook G3 earlier this year I wrote to say how great it was to extend the life of my laptop. Today I received and installed YDL 2.3 and am running KDE 3. Wow! I feel like I have an entirely new (and cool) computer. Many thanks.” –Gerald A.


“Folks, i’m just a howlin at the moon over this! Been into mac’s since there were macs. I’m a solaris/nokia checkpoint firewall 1 engineer for a living … my powerbook is a G3-292 upgraded to a 466. OSX was horribly slow and no support for my serial ports. 10.1, 10.2, it just didn’t get better. Nothing against Apple, I’m a die hard fan of Apple, but my older platform just didn’t have the horsepower for OSX.

So I decided to try out YDL. All I can say is ‘wow’. It’s lightyears faster than OSX was. It supports all my hardware (even my lucent orinico silver wireless card!). It runs ‘classic’ under maconlinux faster than OSX ran classic.

My old machine is now back to front line status. I use it for network analysis, penetration testing, and general use. 3 Cheers for YDL Keep up the great work!!!” –Eric C.


“Just wanted to let all of you know –I love Yellow Dog. I had it on my G3 (Blue and White) and I wanted to put it on my Blueberry iBook– so I did! It runs like a dream and it’s like a brand new computer. I installed YDL 2.3 and kicked the Mac OS 9.1 outta there … It works great (only a few things to iron out) and I have to say I am deeply in love with my iBook again. Thanks guys for letting me see my iBook in a *new* light!” –Keely W.


“Fellow Dog Lovers … I just wanted to thank you for a few things: 1) Your excellent product, 2) Really, really easy install, 3) Very good support notes … I have previously installed Suse on an intel box so I know how much of a nightmare it can be. You guys have made it really easy to install YDL on my iBook3.” –Basil B.


“This is the second time I have purchased YellowDog and continue to pleased with the results. Apt-get is very nice … I have tried RedHat, Slackware, Caldera, Suse, the other Macintosh one and a Chinese distro for Intel over the past 5 years. YDL 2.3 on a Blueberry DV-iMac 400MHz was the easiest installation I have encountered, ever. Thanks for all your effort.” –Spencer C.


“I just wanted to drop a line to tell you how much I am enjoying using Yellow Dog Linux. You have an OUTSTANDING product. Installation went smoothly on a rev D iMac, and I’m having a great time with it!” –Gary A.


“I just purchased the YDL Guide to install book w/cd and loaded it on my iBook dual USB (chicklet) and my G4 350 Yikes. It works PERFECTLY on the Yikes. Cd audio, printing, speed, stability … For me YDL came of age in v2.3 … Thanks for the hard work and dedication to the platform.” –Christopher B.


“I just installed YDL 2.3 on an old iMac and it’s fantastic! This is a big step up from the old days (early last year?) when Linux was practically unusable for the common guy or gal. It’s funny, but I think KDE actually looks better than OSX. Thanks for all of your work…” –Nelson T.


“May I congratulate you guys on something truly inredible, I just downloaded YDL 2.3 and thought, well, screw mandrake, let’s try this. This is the best operating system I have ever come across!! I feel like I just bought a new iMac, and it’s true, my bondi Blue beats my mum’s G3/600 flowerpower MacOS X with Mozilla… I just can’t believe it, and I can watch a DivX without too much shocking around… amazing! Keep on rocking!” –Willem M.


“I wanted to write and say THANK YOU for having an incredible, well functioning, distribution that helped a long time mac/windows user break into the wonderful world of linux and KDE. I am so impressed by how clean/fast and sharp my dual G4/500 is running. OSX was a pig and I was finding myself always going into “classic” mode or just booting OS9 (bleh) … I LOVE APT-GET TOO!!!! Your online docs were superb, I can’t say enough good things about this experience, and I will be sure to tell all my PPC owning friends on IRC and in life to get this distro and SUPPORT your work. I will be ordering a XXL shirt asap. :)


Thanks again YOU ROCK!” –Rick D.


“Thank you vey much for Yellow Dog, I am new to Linux and the dog is leading the way!” –Toronney M.


“I love that you updated your home page (ydl_home.shtml) with tips and hints! A couple of the questions I had are addressed there (webmin, KDE 3.0). Keep up the great work!” –Aaron S.


“i’m a fairly new linux user, i started using linux about 6 months ago… and i just wanted to say that the 2.2 version rocks. i am running it on an ibook 2 (2001) [600mhz, 384ram dvd-cdrw, 802.11b/wireless (i dont like to say “airport” in fact i dont even like mac, its not installed on my book, only ydl)] and everything seems to be working great. Except for a couple of little things that i need to setup (dvd/cdburning) –not the end of the world. I gotta say this little book is quite the powerhouse thanks to you guys. It makes my day more pleasant to cary around such a nice little laptop that can do so much.” –Brian


“I love Yellow Dog! At first it was just to put my 7500 and 9500 to work and in the process, try a different version of PPC Linux. Turns out it is on all of my machines now, in a dual boot environment with OS X on some.” –Paul P.


“I am happy with YDL 2.2, it shines on my 4400 and it’s fun to play with … I can’t wait to learn more about it and make it a full member of my happy computer household. Now I can play with Linux on my Mac and integrate on my home LAN with my OSX boxes and my Mac and Windows boxes too … lots of fun …” –Mathieu M.


“Just installed Yellow Dog 2.2 on my ibook, and I love it! Thank you so much for creating this complete, and great package for a great price! Keep up the good work!” –Dustin K.


“… I vote for Yellow Dog as a substitution for Apple’s overbloated free-based UNIX. †But please let people know that Yellow Dog doesn’t need the Altivec subprocessor to run fast. †Thanks for making a product that will run on a G3/G4 too!” –Todd F.


“Thanks for an all round positive experience Jake, finally got my 80Gb IDE drive running in the 7500 so now I have a pretty neat server thanks to YDL.” –Jeremy


“I am a Linux “newbie” as in that was my first successful install and it couldn’t of been easier. YDL is the easiest Linux distribution to install I have used. The other distro’s that I tried were:

MkLinux –failed to work
LinuxPPC –corrupt downloaded ISO
Mandrake PPC –corrupt downloaded ISO
Peanut Linux (on Virtual PC) –failed install

I plan to get the YDL disks and book soon.” –Evan


“This is the most elegant Linus distribution I have ever seen. Thank you. Nice job, keep going.” –Christhopher B.


“thank you very much and thanks for the best distro for my tibook. p.s. ydl roules !!!” –oliver


“Just a quick thank you for responding to a download junkie. I’m going to eliminate OS X completely and reformat the entire drive and just boot directly into YDL. Trying to run 2 flavours of Mac OS, Linux and VPC is getting old.” –Karl


“I have just instaled YDL and it kicks ass !!!! After struggling with other distros like Mandrake (a total waste of time), I was close to the point of givin’up of Linux in my iMac when I got my CD with YDL. After the complete instalation I’m so satisfied that I got rid of MacOS. You guys made a very good job…congratulations !!!” –Antal V.


“i wrote a product test for German Macwelt-Magazin about YDl 2.1 … i installed it on a lot of Macs (from 8100/80 up to G4/500 – all upgraded Macs) and it worked fine! That’s why you have earned full stars value in the test beating SuSE in my experiments!” –Thomas J.


“Firstly let me say that I’ve tried many distributions and YDL 2.1 is the best I’ve ever come across. I’m sure you hear that a lot! The main reason I’m writing is that, I figured, you’d like to hear about YDL 2.1 running on something a bit different. I have a Power Computing PowerCenter 132 with a Newer Tech MaxPowr G3 upgrade card (that’s right, two dead companies in one machine) and it runs like a dream. I noticed the PowerCenter in the “unsupported” area and I thought that I’d let you know that, yes, it does work. I’ll never need x86 hardware ever again!” –Emil S.


“Let me start out by saying that I am/was not a MacOS person but I always loved Mac hardware. Specially its multimedia capabilities. I don’t know much about Mac, Mac hardware or even what kind of iMac I have. But I do have some experience with Linux (Red Hat). With such limited knowledge I still attempted to install YDL and it worked like a charm. You guys couldn’t have made it any easier. Finally my dream has come true, I have the best OS out there on one of the best hardwares!” –Vijay A.


“My thirteen year old daughter got an iMac for her last birthday. Yesterday she asked me if I could put Linux on for her because she likes it better. It seems to me she knows Dad’s password. So much for a secure system.” –George K.


“We’ve been using YDL on two machines since it first came out … It worked well, and a few weeks later I installed YDL over LinuxPPC on my Performa 6400. They’ve both been running YDL ever since. We both use Unix on our work machines (Solaris and, in my case, HP-UX and Linux/Intel) so it was natural choice to run Linux on our Macs at home.” –Paul S.


“Thank you for yellowdoglinux! I like it better than OS X.1 !” –Jeff K.


“I have an Ibook g3 300 and i use yellowdog linux as my ONLY os!!! it s the best linux ppc ever!…no way…expecially with ximian gnome interface” –Pietro B.


“Just wanted to say how much I was pleased with YDL2. I have been doing quite a few new installations on a variety of G3 and G4 systems … I am really happy with YUP. I love the capability for the system to go out and update itself with security fixes and improvement updates … Installation, update and administration is always a necessary task with Linux. YUP just makes it a lot easier.

I also really appreciate the contributions of users and developers to the mailing lists. Many new users complain about insufficient documentation (which can never be complete). However a good mailing list and links to other sites gets me solving my own problems very quickly. I’ve had a variety of issues and problems with my different systems, and I was able to find most of the answers before having post a group query.” –Steve P.


“You marvelous people!! I just stuck the install CD in my bronze g3pb, clicked a few buttons, and here we are. LinuxPPC took the better part of a weekend. Thank you for your work.” –anonymous


“This note is no doubt a reiteration of what many have already said before, but I must say I’m quite pleased with your flavor of Linux. I have tried Suse and Mandrake in the past which are decent versions, but so far Yellow Dog has been the best in the performance and stability department. I have an older beige G3 with added PCI video card and the install went very well, where as that configuration caused problems with other Linux distributions. Look foward to the 2.1 release!” –Ronald S.


“I have used many distributions of Linux in my life, But this by Far is the best distro I have ever seen on ANY platform… Install was easy on a IBook DVSE 466 with 320 mb of Ram, After finding Dissapointment over LinuxPPC and Suses refusal to even boot on that specific computer, I almost cried tears of Joy when Yellowdog Linux did what they couldnt, I am so glad to have all my PCs and now all My PowerPCs running Linux (OS X was a big dissapointment to me) Keep up the good work and I cant wait to get 2.1” –Carlos


“I just had the chance to install the copy of Yellowdog i got at MWNY … I want to tell you you have a knowledgable staff, a very approachable staff … I have a Home Network of 9 macs and 1 sparc. I installed [YDL 2.0] on all of my macs except 1 and it runs great, even my 9600 outperforms the New Mac OS X workstation I got. You have an incredible product and coupled with a great staff you guys are the Best Linux distributors I have ever seen … Please keep up the good work and stay a customer friendly company and I will be your customer for Life … Apple could gain alot of insight from your engineers in their production of Mac OS X.” –Seth


“Well, I’ve tried every PPC linux distro I can find inlucding LInuxPPC, SuSE, MkLinux, and even Mandrake. Yellow Dog 2.0 is the best by far! Using the text installer, I got my OldWorld Wallstreet running perfectly, including networking, sound, and X11. The others did 2 of 3, but you’re the only ones who got em all. Nicely done. I’ll be back for 2.1” –Bob


“YDL2 kicks ass! I bought it Wednesday at MWNY and finally had time to install it today. I couldn’t believe how easy it was to install on my TiBook … I especially like your instructions for AirPort — it works beautifully! Thanks for making such a great distro!” –Kyle


“Thanks for finally putting together a Linux distribution that’s friendly, immediately usable and easy to configure. Hats off to your programmming team for a fine job! I think the developers at LinuxPPC and SuSE coud learn a few things. Looking forward to more great [Yellow Dog] products.” –Moraitis


“I just wanted to write and say that YDL 2.0 is great! I’m using it on a dual USB iBook with 380Mb of memory and it flys. I did upgrade a couple of the components … I just got the airport to work … and I’ve installed the ximian desktop from ximian.com with the enlightenment desktop manager. It sure is cool to see nautilus! Everything works great! Thanks again for a great PPC Linux!” –Dave


“I found your product extremely useful, and was glad that I purchased it for my 233mhz laptop. What was unusual about that role is that it became the DSL qualifier page for a large backbone provider. What was even better is that it never was struggling, what-so-ever. :)” –Truman


“I am all excited about OSX, but I am even more excited about YDL 2.0. Once I get my copy … I will install both on my Powerbook and G4 and start bragging about it everywhere.” –Hiroto


“I have read everything on your site the last days (almost) and I have to say that you are one of the most positive spirited software companies I have been in contact with.” –Leif


“After having found OSX a disappointment in ALL respects (it’s actually a lot slower than OS 9), I cannot describe my relief and happiness on seeing the announcement [concerning support of older PowerBooks] on your website.” –Vasu


“[B]before i started university i had always assumed that the kernal was that cute old guy who owned kentucky fried chicken was i in for a suprise … i now have ydl up and running (at last) its excellent … thanks for the assistance.” –Gav


I just wanted to thank you for your time and efforts in developing the finest Linux distribution for the Mac. I used LinuxPPC for a few months until I lost my hair, my friends, and my sanity. Finally a friend suggested I try out Yellow Dog Linux. I was a bit skeptical after the previous linux disaster but decided, “What the hell, maybe these people have their heads on straight.”

Within a few hours after receiving the install CDs I confirmed that, yes, you DO have your heads on straight! Very clear install manual, feature-packed… This is an AMAZING product!!! I am also happy to say that I found my friends, my sanity… Do you think Potter could find my hair?” –Phil P.


“I purchased YDL for my Powerbook, and after having problems was sent a beta of Champion Server 1.2.1. I just want to say it is working great, and I appreciate both the product and the support. I am new to LINUX, and have seldom been as excited about anything. Thank you.” -anonymous


“[Y]ou know you guys are the best!!! for a product that’s not *officially* supported you guys have gone out of your way to help me … [I] really do appreciate it, and will definitely recommend that anyone who wants linux on their mac go with you guys.” -Trevor


“Bright and early this morning, the FedEx person delivered one of the most impressive packages I have received in some time. [I have to tell the whole truth–and occupational/vocational hazard …] Please tell your associate who so kindly sent along the latest release of Yellow Dog Linux that her mission has been accomplished.” –Father “Mac” McCormick


“I’ve been using Slackware for almost nine years now, but my girlfriend wants to get into the linux scene. Well, she had this old 8500/120 and I figured I’d play frankenstein. (it’s just a mac…so what if it blows up, right?) Well, I put a Voodoo3 3000 card in and vamped the bios, dropped in 384 megs of ram and a [Newer Technology] G3/400 upgrade card. Then I put the dog on…

Can you spell jealousy? I can. This SOB screams except in one area. [a discussion concerning accelerated video support of Voodoo3 3000 card] It runs crazy wicked fast under OS 9 and I can just see the yellow dog drooling at the thought of running in accelerated mode.

Either way, you guys do chicken right. Everything installed fine the first time, no crashes, halts, or questions. Now I just want to see this puppy do Mesa so I can get my girl addicted to Blender.” -Josh M.


“I just want to report my success with CS 1.2. Yesterday I downloaded the ISO image, burned a copy with Toast and ran the install. The install ran smooth. I was able to boot up, add a user, and run startx. KDE came up without a hitch. This was all on the first attempt!” -Jeff


“I purchased YDL to put on my wife’s old 7200/75 just to see what it was all about, and to enjoy a different view on Linux. I’m running RedHat, Solaris, Caldera, and others on some of my PC servers with success… But I’ve truly enjoyed the work with our old Mac with YDL. It’s perfect and works quite well with the old gal.

I believe that folks that put out good effort (even if they give it away on FTP) should be rewarded for their work, so I always pay for the things that I like or things that are useful to me. I’ve just ordered my second copy (1.2) for our iMac 350. Can’t wait ’til it gets here!” -Bear


“Thanks for the meaningful reply. It’s truly refreshing. So often today it seems that customer complaints are either never heard or get lost in the shuffle. I will get back to you with regard to your comments.” -Jim P.


“You are a handsome dog. No bones about it, that Mac G3 is a nice looking box, too. Using it, you could bury the competition…in the backyard. Woof!” -Keith D.


“I’m glad to see Yellow Dog continuing with its plans. Until now, there have been three PPC Linux vendors that I know of: TurboLinux, mkLinux, and LinuxPPC Inc. (not the same as LinuxPPC.org). Frankly, none of them have approached the market with the experience or commitment needed to make an impact. mkLinux is the side project of a book publisher; TurboLinux does PPC support as an afterthought (and devotes $0 to PPC Linux promotion AFAIK); and LinuxPPC Inc. has problems best not discussed in public. Yellow Dog seems to be making the first real stab at the market: I hope they can eventually convince people like me that running Linux on PPC is the best deal.” –unknown


“Thank you so much. I love your company.” -Ryan B.


“Thanks, I was worried about that driver, but I thought ‘what the hell’ last night, I mean i had to re-partition in any event. IT WORKS!!!! Sahweet! Thanks guys, pet the yellow dog for me!” -Gary R.


“Well, I am very happy to tell you that I got it to work with the help of your support system. I will continue to work on a true dual-boot system with yaboot (Mac OS/Linux). [H]opefully with the continuing help of your support system. Thanks for the understanding, and let your support staff know that I am grateful.” -Matt H.


“You Good Dog Potter. Please share this with your human coworkers. I’ve been running your product now for the last three months on my B&W G3. It’s awesome … We had been having a little inter-office feud about Linux vs. NT as a server solution. It was great to have something to counter the Redmond flunkies with.” -Vince D.


“I saw your ad in Linux Journal. The logo is so beautiful, I’m going to buy a polo shirt even though I don’t own a Mac. The ads, the website…everything is so tasteful I’m practically ready to go out and buy a PowerBook just to load your software on it!!! Good luck to you guys…and thanks for brightening my day.” -Nick O.


“I just received my YDL CDs yesterday and did the installation last night. I wanted to tell you guys that I think you have all done a stellar job. The installation was trivial, and all of the packages that were suppose to be installed, got installed.” -Scott P.


“Recv’d the YDL CDROM’s today, 1 day early. I look forward to using them :)” -Howard M.


“Keep up the good work, fellas” -Ted O.


“Great news to hear that the latest ver[sion is] coming fast on schedule. It’s also welcoming to hear that you had been pushing to other PPC 750-based system[s] among the IBM CPUs.” -Sallehuddin S.


“You[r] product is great, we downloaded YD Linux and are using it on our old 7200/75 as a router/caching name server. A lot of our old hardware is Mac stuff, and you breathed new life into it! Our old junker had only 16 megs of RAM and 1MB VRAM, and now it’s busier than it has ever been before staying up all day and night routing packets. The fact that Champion Server ships with modern libraries also has made a lot of good software accessible to us that we previously (under LinuxPPC R4) had a hard time compiling.” -Norman C.


“Thanks for the follow up. It shows that you’re paying attention to your customers – something a lot of online stores don’t do enough of … I’m not just a potential customer; I’m an actual customer, albeit a sometimes indecisive one. You have a great product, a great website, and you should be especially proud of your customer service. Keep it up! Vive Potter!” -Allyson K, “Happy Yellow Dogger”


“Hey Potter. How are you doing? Good dog. Good dog. Down. Stay…” -John L.


“My only suggestion is to keep up the amazing work! I decided to break in my new DSL connection by downloading the ISO image of Champion Server 1.1 last night, and now that it is installed on my G4-400, I may never see MacOS again. I’ll be sending in my $24.95 to get the official CD’s right away. Beautiful distribution, and the installation went so much more smoothly than I expected on a proprietary platform. Congrats on the fine work.” -Brian K.


“Just installed YDL on my ANS 500. It’s great. Took an old dumb-storage box and gave it new life.” -Mykeal P.


“You guys ROCK!” -Deirdre S.