I am PalestineLIGO

Genre: Documentary, short film

Synopsis: In an arena of polarised opinions and political agendas shaped around the middle East, it is important to say what this film is … and is not. This is not a politically charged film, nor one that points blame at a whole nation. The intent of this film is not to append the prefix “pro-” to “Palestine”, rather to break down stereotypes, to replace the broad claims with individual stories. This film brings us into the places of work and homes in Palestine. There we receive stories, both positive and challenging. This is the only way we can truly replace our innate desire to categorize and isolate with a desire to learn, to refer to them as one of us.

Initiated: Fall 2012 | Watch the trailer

Status: Completed in the summer of 2016, “I am Palestine” has completed its worldwide tour of the film festivals, with an award winning premier at the Cabo Verde International Film Festival for “Best Short Documentary”.

Festivals and Awards:

Cabo Verde International Film Festival NYC Indie Film Awards Best Shorts Competition Colortape International Film Festival Phoenician International Film Festival

Cape Cod Festival of Arab & Middle Eastern Cinema International Freethought Film Festival Steps International Film Festival