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Disconnected in order to Engage
Call me a caveman if you will, but I refuse to be on-line every waking minute of my life. I find that my ability to respond, to truly engage is less about the ways in which I am connected and more about how much time I keep for myself, disconnected.

For me, Facebook only amplifies busy-ness and distraction when I want instead to focus. I use it infrequently. I use Twitter only to showcase new blog entries and web updates. I do enjoy my network of business associates on LinkedIn, but do not use the built-in message system as I already have email.

If you want to gain my attention, contact me at Over the Sun. My apology if a web form feels impersonal, but it goes directly to me. Then, we can exchange emails, a phone call, or even better, get together in person. I look forward to hearing from you.

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