ASU Interplanetary Initiative, September 30, 2019
An interview video about SIMOC, for the Arizona State University, School of Earth & Space Exploration, Interplanetary Initiative. Watch here …

An interview for Self Made, December 2018
Host Andy Albright travels America to find entrepreneurs from wildly diverse backgrounds and companies share their big idea, their struggles, triumphs and their advise to others who want to take the path of Self Made. Farm, Mars, Movies, Brewery, Episode 9, Amazon

Looking Up, September 2017
Interview with Kechil Kirkham, Industrial Astronomer and weekly host. Find out about gravitational waves and the latest news about their detection from one of the visiting scientists at LIGO, Kai Staats.

WOSU Radio – NPR Affiliate, September 2016
Space Colonization by All Sides with Ann Fisher, with guests Dr. Paul Sutter (OSU CCAPP), Fraser Cain (Universe Today), Katherine Gorringe (documentary filmmaker), and Dr. Pete Roma (NASA HI-SEAS). Discussed is space travel, life on Proxima B, and the HI-SEAS one year mission.

Weekly Space Hangout, Universe Today, June 2016
Hosted by Fraser Cain, a live video interview with Kai Staats and Michael Landry, lead detection scientist at LIGO, Hanford. About filmmaking, the second LIGO detection of merging black holes, and translating science for the public audience.

Casimir, January 2016
“Why Does Mars Matter?”, an interview by Victoria Young for the South African based blog site which “explores the space between” in speaking with writers, artists, inventors, designers, filmmakers, chefs, scientists and travellers.

RealSpace with Dr. Paul Sutter, December 2015
Making films about Science, Mars Analogues, and Streaking in Low Pressure Atmospheres
Recorded at the South African offices of the SKA, we discuss filmmaking, surfing, living on Mars, underwater cities, civil war, a brief history of human migration, beans on toast, and of course, streaking in a low pressure atmosphere.

Tatler, May 2015
Film of the Stars about LIGO, A Passion for Understanding (interview)
For the Southern Suburbs Tatler, Cape Town, South Africa

Fiat Physica, December 2014
“Chatting Astronomy with Kai Staats” (interview)