A.I. Apocalypse, Arizona Science Center, October 21, 2016
“From Pinocchio to the Terminator, What A.I. Teaches us About Ourselves”
Kai Staats was the opening presenter, joined by Dr. Peter Jansen and Prof. Clayton T. Morrison from the University of Arizona for a panel discussion for this unique event.

Evolutionary Computation applied to Astro-particle Physics, OSU CCAPP, August 24-26 2016
Kai Staats was co-organiser and presenter at this first-ever Computing in High-Energy AstroParticle Research workshop in which Karoo GP was featured as a tool for improved understanding of complex data.

GP applied to glitch classification at LIGO, SKA, South Africa, August 2016
As presented remotely for the SKA Machine Learning Club, an introduction to genetic programming and overview of the function of the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-wave Observatory (LIGO). A high-level overview, this presentation was focused primarily on the challenge of feature engineering and ensemble learning with intent to reduce noise through glitch flagging.

Introduction to Genetic Programming, March-June 2016
Brief presentations about evolutionary computation at The Ohio State University’s Center of Cosmology and Astro Particle Physics (ANITA research at CCAPP), Columbus, Ohio; Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (LIGO reseach), Prescott, Arizona; Fullerton State University (LIGO research), Fullerton, California; and the LIGO Detector Characterization group (remote presentation).

Science Cafe Cape Town, October 2015
From Earth to Mars: A Journey for Us All

Astronomical Society of South Africa, June 2015
From Dark Skies to Data Mining: A Propensity for Pattern Recognition
with Dr. Marco Cavaglia, University of Mississippi and the LIGO Scientific Collaboration

SAAO Open Night, May 2015
Making Movies about Making History: A Passion for Science Discovery

SAAO Colloquium, March 2015
LIGO Generations

SKA Colloquium, July 2014
“From Hunter-Gatherer to Data Farmer: A Personal Journey in Email & Data Management”

SAAO Colloquium, May 2014
Science Outreach and Education through Film – Storytelling in a Digital World

TEDx Front Range, Colorado, May 2014
A Telescope Opens the Mind to a Larger World

16th Annual Mars Society Conference, August 2013
Kai Staats shares the starting point for his research into human social evolution in the confines of isolated colonies with “A Good Sams Utopia: Human Social Evolution in the Development of Isolated Colonies“. Learn more …