“I am Palestine” – Ramallah, West Bank

“In my work with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Jordan & the Holy Land, I have been given opportunity to spend time with the people of Palestine, both in East Jerusalem and the West Bank.

“As with so many Americans, I came here with only the limited view of this place and its people through the lens of the media. But I have come to recognize that even in our hyper-connection, instant communication world, we remain naive, even ignorant for the true nature of its people.

“This film captures daily life as experienced in just one hour in the center of one of the West Bank’s more vibrant cities. It is the third in a series of films created to help bridge the cultural barrier between Palestine and the West, countries whose assumptions about this part of the world are based primarily on the limited view of the mass media.” –kai

Music by Naseer Shamma

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